XP: Combat is a big part of Pathfinder, but it is not the only focus of my games. In fact, I much prefer to be goal based than process-based. You will receive 1 XP per 1 gp you earn, and will earn a multiplicity of story rewards for accomplishing things related to your personal goals. You will only be awarded a little XP for combats. Progression comes from accomplishing things, not from how many monsters you kill along the way.

I will also be using Drunken Debauchery rules. If you spend money on character-appropriate non-character-improving things (I.e., usually drink and loose women, but could include donating to a temple or ) 90% of that money comes back to you as XP. If appropriate, that expenditure can allow you and other involved parties to roll on my drunken debauchery table to find out the results of your exploits. Sometimes, this can result in an adventure all on it’s own.

Skill Checks: I love skills. I especially love Profession skills because they’re so open-ended. I love when you give me specificity in skills for what you’re doing exactly, and I will add modifiers to the roll accordingly. I will also believe in creatively interpreting rolls.

If you completely fail (5 or more)you fail “AND” something bad happens (You failed to open the lock and made enough noise to alert the guards.)
if you fail a skill check by 1 or 2, you fail, “but” something beneficial happens. (The merchant doesn’t take the bait, but hints that there might be something else you could do for him.)
If you just succeed “you succeed” “but” something bad happens.(you unlock the chest, but also set off an old rusty trap.)
If you totally succeed (by 5 or more) you succeed “AND” something amazing happens. (The merchant doesn’t just take your deal, but you accidentally made the sign for a hidden cabal and he thinks you’re a fellow member.)

I will also sometimes take liberties on what exactly a ‘success’ or ‘failure’ even means. If you try to lie to the goblins and fail, perhaps they still believed you… it just turns out their demon worshippers who’ve decided you’d make a good sacrifice. We’ll have fun with it.


Seraphuul AdamMeyers